How cool would this be for Cabaret.

On Saturday, I hinted at an idea I had for the Cabaret sub-culture of New York City.  You ready for it?

Now that I’ve built it up like an Edsel, I’m certain to disappoint (remember that when pre-pressing your shows), but here goes regardless.

In this week’s giveaway you came up with 50+ ideas for cabaret shows by Broadway artists.  50+! And when I scrolled through them one by one, it started to feel like a catalog . . . or a brochure . . . for a giant, super-sized, city-wide, Cabaret Festival.

What if there was a NYMF or a Fringe but just for cabaret?  I’m talking 50, 100 or MORE (since the production elements and performance spaces are easier to find) productions of 1 hour cabaret shows by known and unknown names in a two to three week period.

I know what some of you are thinking . . . there is one!  Or two.  And it’s true.  Town Hall produces one every October, and The Mabel Mercer Foundation hosts one as well (read this article about the competition between the two) . . . but both are one venue, both feature “shows” with many, many artists rather than focusing on just one artist, both are high-end and focus on established names, and most importantly, I had never heard of either before doing research for this blog.

What I’m pitching is not that.  I’m talking Edinburgh but for Cabaret, with today’s and tomorrow’s best from all over the world coming to this city and showing us what they’ve got.   A fringe festival for cabaret.  Lower the threshold for admission and increase the number of people participating.  If the cabaret market is challenged (as the article above indicates) then gather thy numbers, friends, for in them there is strength.

So how’d I do?

It’s not the most revolutionary idea, obviously.  Or the most exciting.  In fact, it’s fairly simple.

But actual revolutions usually are.

They just take a sh*t ton of work and a lot of passionate people behind them.


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