“I’ve got a great idea, but how do I pay for it?”

I had an idea.

And it was a good one.  Nope, it was a great one.  An idea that I knew if I could execute would get me everything I had been hoping for . . . a career in producing theater.

But I needed help. And I needed stuff. I needed a lawyer, rehearsal space, actors, etc.

And all that stuff costs money.

And I was broke.  My unemployment checks weren’t going to cut it.

I knew I had to raise the money I needed.  But how?  I didn’t have a script.  I didn’t have rights.  I didn’t have anything, except that idea in my head.

But oh, man, I knew it was a good one.

Who would give me money so early?  What contract would I use?  Where would the money go – I didn’t even have a company yet!

I had so many questions I almost gave up right then and there.  And if I did, I’d probably still be sitting there . . . still dreaming about a career in producing theater.

Giving up wasn’t an option, so I buckled down and started to figure out how to raise the Holy Grail of investment capital . . . Front Money.

And after a whole bunch of screwing up, I finally figured it out . . . raised that Front Money and launched The Awesome 80s Prom, my very first show . . .  which ran for 10 years Off Broadway.  But even more importantly, that first show got me started in the biz of producing theater (the most important show in a Producer’s resume isn’t the last one . . . it’s their first).  And the lessons I learned from raising Front Money on The Prom I have repeated at least a dozen times . . . and well, so far so good.

I get a ton of emails about raising money, which is why I wrote Raise It.  But Front Money is different.  It is unique.  It has its own contract, its own deals, and a very specific type of investor.  It has its own “rules of the raise.”

Since so many of you have asked for help in navigating the scary Front Money waters, I decided to hold a webinar, this Wednesday (TOMORROW), March 16th at 7 PM ET called “What Is Front Money and How The @#$% Do I Get It?”

Over the course of an hour, I’ll dissect all the details of this crucial part of the fundraising process and talk about . . .

  • The definition of Front Money and why you need it now.
  • What kind of contract do you need to take it (and what it can save you in attorney’s fees)?
  • What should you offer your Front Money investors?
  • Tips and Tricks on how to get your investors to give you money when you’ve got nothing but an idea.
  • And more, including a Q&A with me at the end of the session to answer any specific questions you have about your raise.

And if you can’t attend on the 16th (sorry for the late notice), don’t worry, when you register for the webinar today, you’ll get the complete audio/video file sent to you the very next day so you can listen and/or watch whenever you want.

As always, my webinars are guaranteed.  Get something out of it or get your money back.

This webinar, which could be one of the most valuable I’ve ever taught, is priced at just $149. Click here to register today.

Want to get the webinar for Free?  Join TheProducersPerspectivePro today and get it as part of your free 7 day trial.  You can cancel if you’re not happy and get the webinar and 7 days of access to the site for nada.

Join TheProducersPerspectivePro and get tomorrow’s webinar for free.  Join The Club.

Or grab the webinar and get that Front Money for your project for only $149. Register today.


Did you miss the live seminar?  Click here to purchase the recording, or click here to sign up for TheProducersPerspectivePro and get it free!


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