Our 2nd “Shut Up and You-Know-What” is TOMORROW!

You know what I’m talking about, right?

I’m talking about SHUT UP AND WRITE, our in-person writing session, for anyone who wants to put pen to paper or keys to a keyboard, whether you’ve had twenty plays published or never even finished a page.

And our second one is tomorrow, Saturday, January 20th from 10 AM – 1 PM and all you have to do to join us is sign up here.

Being a writer is being your own boss.  But the irony is, artists aren’t usually the personality types that make great bosses!  That’s why writers need a little help with structure, accountability, and goals.

Shut Up and Write is just that.  It’s a set time.  With a set goal (finish X by the time before you leave).  And with experts like my Director of Creative Development, Eric Webb, there to help answer questions or challenges you may have with your project.

Show up and you’re guaranteed to get something done.  It’s just what happens.  So join us.

Look at what a few of our last “Shut-Uppers” had to say about the event:

“Ken Davenport’s ‘Shut Up And Write!’ event was a one of a kind experience: writers from the tri-state area sitting together silently, in a theater writing.  In the crazy and noisy hustle and bustle of every day life, it’s an infrequent opportunity to have 3 straight hours of quiet to oneself to tune into and explore our creative selves.  It was especially rewarding being around the energy of the other writers: quiet, yet a safe cocoon to create in, where you knew you had empathetic people around you supporting your process.  And all for the price of a cup of coffee!  Doesn’t get better than that…” – Ali Skylar

“I recently participated in Ken Davenport’s first Shut Up and Write gathering. I was able to sit with a bunch of my fellow writers and get a solid three hours of writing done. During breaks I was able to meet with some great people that were also there to advance their goals. Even Ken and his team were available to answer questions and offer guidance. I’m looking forward to signing up the next time the event is offered.” – Edward Medina

We hold the event at my theater, which isn’t the size of the Palace, unfortunately.  That means, there is a limit to the number of Writers we can host.  So if you’re ready to start writing, click here.

And it doesn’t matter where you are with your play, musical, screenplay.

Don’t have an idea?  Make a goal to come up with one by the time the session is done.

Got an outline?  Make a goal to write the first three scenes.

Have a draft?  Make a goal to do a rewrite of one act.

All that matters is you come, you shut up, and you write.

Register here.


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