Our Broadway revival of Once on this Island is NOW on sale! Guess which theater?

We announced that Once on this Island was happening a few months ago.  And we even threw out opening dates.  And then we even opened up about our international search for Ti Moune, which took us all the way to Haiti (wait until you see the video from this trip).

But announcements are just that . . . announcements.  A veteran Broadway Producer once said to me, “A show is real when you can buy tickets to it.  Everything else is just a press release.”

Well, then as of today, Mr. Veteran Broadway Producer, Once on this Island is as real as real can be.

Because the show is officially on sale!

And we’ve also announced our theater.  And that theater is . . .

Circle in the Square!

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting for this intimately beautiful musical.  As you know, since my very first show, I’ve always loved theatrical experiences that put audiences in the action, and when you’ve got a theater in the round (especially for a show that takes place on an island – see what we did there), the audience feels like . . . well, they’re on that island too.

And just wait until you see what Director Michael Arden and Choreographer Camille A. Brown have in store for the audience’s experience on our Island.  And yeah, I’d expect a design that takes advantage of the round walls as well.  Cuz the cool thing about the only theater in the round on Broadway, is that you can do stuff that people haven’t seen before.  (And for those of you who heard me speak at BroadwayCon then you know that design may include everything from water, sand, and maybe even a chicken!)

So it’s all happening.

And it’s on sale right now.

You can get tickets (and great ones, since we literally just flipped a switch moments ago) right here.  Groups of 10 or more can be ordered here.

Oh, I know what you’re going to ask next.  Who’s in it?

THAT I can’t announce yet.  You know, contracts, and such.  But let’s just say I don’t think you should wait to get your tickets.  And I know, I know, all Producers say that.  But let’s just say there is some serious Tony Award-winning talent coming your way.

Get your tickets to Once on this Island here.

Get group tickets here.

– – – – –

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