Screenwriter or Not, Here’s Why I Recommend This

My Dad taught me a lot of things.  The most important lesson I learned from him . . . just that . . . to always keep learning.

He was constantly studying, reading, and taking workshops on everything from writing to art to computers (in 1979) and more.  

He told me it not only kept your mind muscles in top shape, but he always learned something profound that he could take back to his primary focus . . . medicine and how to improve his care of patients.

So when I got an idea for a movie, I decided to learn about screenwriting.  (I was also super curious as to the differences between screenwriting and writing for the theater.  See more on that below.)

I stumbled onto Jill Chamberlain’s groundbreaking book, The Nutshell Technique, during the pandemic.   If you don’t know The Nutshell Technique, it’s a system used by tons of super successful Hollywood screenwriters who have called it, “The Rosetta Stone”.

You can get it here, just like I did.

But taking action after reading a book is hard.  That’s why my screenplay only got about halfway done.

I don’t know about you, but I do much more when I have accountability, homework, and a place and time I’m supposed to be every week.

So a few months ago, I signed up for Jill’s live, 10-week workshop, which puts you on a path to COMPLETING a screenplay in that 10 weeks. (It ain’t easy, but you can do it – and in addition to being done, it’ll be a lot better than if you tried to do it on your own.)

The workshop was enlightening, inspirational, and communal (nice to be with other people trying to do the same thing you are).  Oh, and it was fascinating to see what I could learn about screenwriting that I could apply to theater . . . and what I should NOT!  

Jill’s got another workshop coming up this summer (starts June 24th) and again the fall (starts October 14th).  Because I took it, and because it helped me, and because I have a feeling lots of you folks out there have screenplay ideas too (or just want to learn), I asked Jill if she’d give my readers a discount.  Even though her workshops always sell out, she agreed!  (And I didn’t even get a discount when I signed up!)  

Click here to learn more and sign up.  

Use code: KDFULL2024 and get $70 off the Full Participant tuition for her Screenwriting Master Class or her TV Writing class.  Those participants slots are limited, so if you want one of those, sign up now.  

If you aren’t ready to dive in, but still want to learn, Jill has an amazing audit program for both classes that allows you to watch all the classes live and/or the class recordings, receive all the handouts, and watch her dissect the full participants’ work.  If you want to audit, use code KDAUDIT2024 and you’ll save $10.

These coupon codes are good for her 2024 workshops and cannot be combined with any other offer.

And when your movie is a big hit, promise me you won’t desert us.  Come back to the theater, ok?  Good.

Thanks, Jill, for the class and the discounts! 

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