The ins and outs of Regional Theater “Enhancement” deals . . . Explained!

Next week, the Tonys will be over.  And another season will be done.

You know what that means?

Time to get back, back, back to work!

And what better way to dig into the biz than by opening up and dissecting one of the most mysterious deals out there, but one of the most important . . . the Regional Theater enhancement deal.

Back in the day, most Broadway shows did big time commercial out-of-town tryouts in places like Boston, Philly, etc.  Rising labor and housing prices decimated that business (Chicago remains the only town that still sends commercial exports to Broadway, e.g. Kinky Boots).  What replaced that stop on the road to Broadway was the “Regional Theater tryout,” or when a Broadway Producer (or any commercial producer) partners with a Regional Theater to present a premiere (e.g. Jersey Boys at La Jolla Playhouse or Pippin at A.R.T.).

But how do these partnerships happen?  And who gets what?

That’s what I’m going to talk about in my webinar entitled Enhance This: Regional Theater Enhancement Deals Explained!

We’re going to get into the nitty gritty of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about trying a show out at a Regional Theater including:

  • Who provides what when a Regional Theater premieres your show?
  • What kind of $$$ does a Regional Theater get for premiering your show . . . and for how long?
  • What you should ask for in your enhancement deal that so few people do.
  • Things to avoid when making an enhancement deal.
  • My tips on how to get the right theater interested in your show.

And as always, I’ll include time for a Q&A about all things Regional Theater even if that means we go into some overtime.

The webinar is next Wednesday, June 15th at 7 PM EDT.  But if you can’t make that time, you can still register, and we’ll email you the complete files the very next day so you can take it whenever and wherever you want.

As with all my other webinars, the cost is $149.

Or, you can take it for free when you sign up for TheProducersPerspectivePro, my monthly membership site which gets you access to this webinar as well as the 20+ hours of all the others including How to Use Social Media to Sell Tickets, What is Front Money and How the @#$% Do I Get It?, and more.  You also get resources for mailings, an exclusive monthly newsletter and a ton more (see here for all the stuff you get).  I offer a free 7 day trial for anyone interested, which means when you sign up today, you can get the Regional Theater webinar as part of your trial, and if you aren’t satisfied with Pro, cancel after the webinar and bam . . . you pay nothing.  No risk.

So sign up to for the webinar here for $149.

Or sign up to join PRO here and get it free.

Of the many, many new musicals that have opened on Broadway in the last several decades, only like 2 have NOT gone out of town.  That means if you’re a Producer, Writer, or anyone interested in the development of a new musical, you’re going to be on one side of a Regional Theater deal sooner than later.

Learn the regional ropes now . . . sign up for the webinar today.


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