Want to follow my Once on this Island team in Haiti?

In the wee hours of this morning, the alarm clocks of Director Michael Arden, Set Designer Dane Laffrey, Assistant Director Nikki M. James, Casting Director Craig Burns, Videographer Jordan Axelrod and Digital Marketing Exec Crystal Chase, went off.  They got dressed, finished some last minute packing, and headed to the airport before the sun was up.

And just a couple of hours ago, they boarded an American Airlines flight, and are currently in midair, on their way to hold the very first Broadway open call in Haiti.

Since Michael and I started talking about a revival of Once on this Island, he told me he wanted to go to this island nation, to research the communities that have been through the tragedy of the earthquake, yet have found a way to rebuild (sounds like the story of OOTI, now doesn’t it?).

And then we thought we should give the people who have been through what they’ve been through, and came out on the other side, the chance to show us what they can do . . . and give them the same shot that we’re going to give people in Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, NYC, and LA as we tour the country searching for that special girl out there, our Ti Moune, who is just waiting for life to begin.

So that’s what they’re going to do tomorrow.  They’ll also be touring the island, visiting historic sites, including a music school, churches, and much more.  It’s going to be quite an adventure.

And you can follow along!

The Once on this Island team will be posting updates including photos and video of the team on the following social channels.

Facebook:  OnceIslandBway
Twitter:  OnceIslandBway
Instagram: OnceIslandBway

Click the links above on the social media channel of your choice and watch this history making trip unfold right before your eyes.

Want to participate in the convo?  Us the official hashtag:  #OnceIslandBway.

And, if you want TheDirectorsPerspective (see what I did there?), you can follow our Captain my Captain, Michael Arden himself (who has a pretty terrific social account).  He has promised some good stuff.

Michael Arden Instagram

I couldn’t be prouder of my Once on this Island team for making this trip (and getting up so dang early).  They will be wonderful Broadway Ambassadors, as they bring a little dose of theater to a place and to a people that aren’t as fortunate as all of us that are surrounded by it every day.

I’ll be following their inspirational journey and I hope you do too!


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