What’s in a Broadway Marketing Campaign anyway?

You’ve all seen Broadway ads . . . on TV, on billboards . . . maybe you’ve even received an email about a discount from some 3rd party like Playbill.  Or, maybe you’re even more special and you’ve received a flashy, full-color, two-fold, direct mail piece in your actual mailbox!  (Whatever show sent you that thinks you’re worth some added expense because mail ain’t cheap!)

You encounter Broadway advertising every day.

But how do Producers and Marketers choose what media to buy?  Is direct mail worth that extra expense? Why do shows seem to follow you around with ads after you visit the website . . . and is that a worthwhile expense?  Or is it just creepy?

What’s working these days, and what ain’t?

And . . . . how much does it all cost?  And what are shows spending these days?

Lots of questions.

One of the most successful webinars I’ve taught was my Breakin’ Down A Broadway Budget which took all of the participants through an actual Broadway budget . . . line by line . . . explaining what each item was, why it was necessary, and how much it cost.  So many of the participants in that webinar gave us great feedback on how that webinar helped them plan their own budgets, from big shows to off-off-Broadway festival productions to regional shows.

(By the way, if you missed that webinar, you can get the home course here.)

I’m pretty sure one of the reasons that webinar was so popular was that good budgets are like to-do lists . . . they show you the ingredients of a successful enterprise and you just have to go get them.

Because that was so popular, and because so many of you asked questions about what advertising you should get for your shows, I thought I’d take the Breakin’ Down A Broadway Budget concept and apply it to advertising campaigns!

And thus, I bring you . . . Breakin’ Down a Broadway Marketing Campaign . . . The Webinar!

This Wednesday, at 7 PM EDT, we’re going to walk and talk you through all of the elements of an actual Broadway advertising and marketing campaign, and you’ll learn . . .

  • The first step and most important step in building an advertising campaign.
  • How do you decide on a budget?
  • How do you choose where to advertise?  (Why are shows in the same place?)
  • What’s the difference between marketing and advertising?
  • And a line-by-line description of all the elements of an actual campaign . . .

And lots more.

To get more info on the webinar, including information on my guarantee, click here.

(Don’t forget, like all my webinars, you can get it for nothing if you join TheProducersPerpsectivePRO.)

I’m super excited about this one.  Cuz I love me some marketing.

See you next week!


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