Where will Broadway be in 20 years?

I saw a musical set in the future this week, and it made me wonder just what Broadway will look like a couple of decades from now.

It has actually been almost 20 years since I arrived here in Manhattan, as a freshly scrubbed college sophomore, and I’ve certainly seen some changes during those twenty years.

In 1991, 42nd St. was not somewhere you wanted to hang out on a Saturday evening.

We had just started giving seat locations to ticket buyers over the phone. (Previously, customers just bought a section and didn’t know they were sitting until they walked into the theater.)

And an ad in The New York Times actually sold some tickets.

So where will we be in another 20 years?

Will Wicked still be running?  How much will tickets cost?  Will we have more theaters?  Less?  The same?  What will be the “new way” to sell tickets? (Email blasts didn’t exist 20 years ago.)

(My answers?  Yes.  $500.  The same but 1-2 more non-profits will occupy those theaters.  And everything we do will be done through our “phones”.)

Tell me your predictions.  Where will Broadway be in 20 years?

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