Why I’m producing this revival on Broadway next season.

As you know, I’m a data guy.  I like to look at numbers and economic trends to see if there’s a way to “moneyball” Broadway (hence all the infographics I’ve done like this one).  To put it in financial terms, I guess you could call me a Broadway quant.

That’s how I stumbled on the next show I’m going to produce on Broadway.

One of my earliest blogs (way back in 2007 if you can believe it) was about the 10 longest running shows of all time, and how none of them had stars attached.  A few years later, I wrote a follow up to that blog, updating the list and coming to the same conclusion.

A few months ago, I was getting ready to update that blog once again, when I noticed some interesting numbers that I could not ignore.

And they inspired me to grab the rights, grab a space, and produce the show on Broadway next season.

What show?

Here we go . . .

Of the ten longest running shows on Broadway, all of them . . . all of them . . . have either:

  • Have had major revivals or are about to be revived (Cats, Miss Saigon, etc.)
  • Closed in the last ten years.
  • Or are still running.

Except one.

Until now.

And that show is . . .

Oh! Calcutta!

That’s right blog readers, I’m bringing sexy back.

Seriously, remember that blog I wrote last week about the family musical invasion?  It kind of reminds me of when Vegas went all family and put up roller coasters and water parks . . . and how’d that work out for them?  It didn’t.  And the town didn’t recover until the “What happens in Vegas . . . ” tag line was born years later.

I’m scared that’s what is happening to Broadway as well.  So, I’m going to balance out those family shows with this great sex revue.  It’s part of my mission, right?  Do @#$% that other people don’t.

Well, no one is producing Oh! Calcutta!  No one is producing shows with full nudity.  So I’m gonna do it.

In fact, we’ve already sketched out some of the costumes (yes, shows with full nudity still have costumes – there’s just not much to them).  If you want to see a glimpse of what those costumes will look like . . . click here.

And to get tickets to the show and check out our new website, click here.

Oh, clothing is NOT optional for audience members, by the way.  Leave the nudity to the professionals.


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