ALERT: There’s a serious shortage of THIS in the theater industry (and why that’s a good thing).

Lumber isn’t the only thing in short supply these days.

As the world has come out of its pandemic hibernation, there has been a shortage of a variety of products. From 2x4s to computer chips for cars, there’s some serious scarcity going on.

And there’s something scarce on Broadway too that has Producers scrambling right now . . .

Rehearsal space.

It’s the lumber of the theater right now.

Our pipeline had a big ol’ hairy covid clog for the past 15 months. And now that the clog has been plunged, there’s a steady stream of shows looking to open on Broadway, Off Broadway, do readings, workshops and more.

Which is why rehearsal space is super hard to find.

I mean, big shows (including one of my own) are going to Queens to rehearse!

Why do I tell you this?

#1 . . .  If you’re a TheaterMaker and want to do a reading, workshop or ANYTHING in the next 12 months, book your rehearsal space now. Here are a few of my favorite spots.

#2 . . . and this is the exciting one. You know what all this rehearsing means? It means lots of theater. You know what lots of theater means? It means . . . well . . . awesome-sauce.

Ok, nonsense phrases aside . . . it means that the roaring 20s, the theatrical renaissance that Chris Jackson predicted at our TheaterMakersSummit last year . . . is about to begin.

Start your engines. (AND BOOK YOUR SPACE!)

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