How to get Producers to see your show.

If you put up a reading, and no Broadway Producers come, is it still a reading?

That’s a serious question, not just some kind of Broadway Zen philosophy BS.  Readings and showcases and Off Broadway productions are expensive.  And if you put a show up yourself, or manage to get someone to put one up for you, you have to take advantage of it and get people, important people, to see it.

Because getting the right people to see your show can shoot it to the next stage, without passing “go,” but collecting a lot more than $200.  And you want that, right?

And, with readings and productions so rare, who knows when you’ll have the opportunity for people to see your work on its feet again.  Not getting the right folks in those seats would just be such a waste.

Unfortunately, Producers don’t just show up to readings and showcases and productions of developing shows randomly.  There are so many shows for us to choose from happening every day, and so many we’re invited to, we just can’t see them all.

That means we have to be selective.

And if we have to be selective that means you have to be strategic.

So, do you have a strategy to get Producers to see your show?

If not, next week’s webinar is a must.

Getting Producers to see your show is one of the most common questions I get, which is why I planned a whole webinar about it.

This Wednesday, March 8th, and 7 PM ET, tune in to “How To Get Producers To See Your Show,” and you’ll hear me address this super important subject in detail, including . . .

  • Who to target and when to target them.
  • What Producers look at FIRST when they get an invitation.
  • Producer catnip:  what is it and how do you get some?
  • How should you invite them . .  email? Direct Mail?  Phone? (GASP!)
  • What do you do AFTER they come?

If you’re planning on producing a show with the hope that someone will sweep in and put it on a bigger stage, then this webinar is a must.

Register for it here.  It’s $149.

You can get it for free (along with more than a year’s worth of other webinars) when you join TheProducersPerspectivePRO for only $97.  Yep, that’s right.  It’s cheaper and you get more with Pro.  There’s no catch.  Register for Pro here.

And this Wednesday at 7 PM, I’ll let you in on the tips and tricks I used for getting Producers to see my show when I was just starting out.

Sign up for PRO here.


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