My 5 Friday Finds:

Here are five things that got my head spinnin’ this week.

  1. Dinner Theater on Broadway.

The upcoming Bryan Cranston-led Network announced that it will offer an “exclusive onstage dining experience” prior to the show, allowing customers to eat on the stage as the show readies for that evening’s performance around them. Pretty cool. And pretty smart. They know their customers are eating before their show somewhere, so they just captured that business for themselves in a unique way. It’s the kind of “experience” people’s mouths are watering for.

  1. The last flight I took . . .

… had just as many first and business class seats as coach, proving there’s a serious demand for comfortable seats (the airlines are always first to recognize these trends). Will that desire make its way to the theater? Or will our customers start staying on their comfortable couch if we don’t improve the experience for their (the) butts that we want in our seats?

  1. Bat Out Of Hell is coming to NYC but not to a Broadway theater.

The growing phenomenon of a non-traditional musical, BOOH, announced that it would play 8 weeks in NYC this summer at City Center prior to its national tour. Then it announced that the tour was canceled. But City Center is still on, so you’ll get your chance to sing along to “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” don’t you worry. Tour cancellation aside, could the stint at City Center be the first sign of what happens when Broadway theaters are full and Producers want a show to play the city . . . (when) they don’t care about the cache (or Tony eligibility) and find another space?  Expect more alternative venues for shows with a brand that may not need Broadway to strengthen it.

  1. A quote to help you make your next decision.

Doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of Amazon or the Producer of a new musical or an emerging writer battling with a 2nd Act Problem, here’s a quote to guide you to the answer. “Ultimately the decision will be made with intuition after gathering and studying a lot of data — for a decision like that, as far as I know, the best way to make it is you collect as much data as you can, you immerse yourself in that data but then you make the decision with your heart.” – Jeff Bezos

  1. The elections are over.

Regardless of whether you’re (your) party won or lost, are (aren’t) we all just a little glad that is over?  I know businesses around the world are, including Broadway.

Hope your weekend is filled with productivity. I’ll be at my SuperConference with a bunch of passionate theater people looking to do great things, and a bunch of Tony Winners schooling us all with tips and tricks on how to do just that. Come!

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