Producers Gone Wild!

I’ve been doing something at meetings for a few years now that I’ve found so rewarding to my projects and, frankly, so much fun, that I thought I’d share it with you.

It’s a simple one, actually.

At every meeting I have, across all departments (marketing, office administration, etc.) I give all of my employees a simple task . . . bring one idea to the table to help sell tickets, save money, or whatever the focus of that meeting is . . . that is absolutely bonkers.

Call it thinking big, or thinking outside the box, or whatever.

But I call it crazy.  Wild.  Absolutely effin’ nuts.

One idea that may be so freakin’ bad it might get laughed out of the room.

Or, it just may stretch our minds enough to get us thinking more creatively . . . so that we come up with an idea that is unique, that hasn’t been done . . . and that actually may work.

We work in an industry that tends to rely on the same ol’, same ol’.  There’s a formula for advertising and marketing and managing and staffing and so on.  The problem is, it doesn’t work for most shows.

So new ideas, even the kooky ones, may be just what some shows need to survive.

Make one crazy idea mandatory at your meetings as well.  You probably won’t do most of them.  But you’ll stimulate imagination.  And encouraging your staffers to not be afraid to go wild just may lead you to wild success.


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