Sing with me: It’s the most, “busiest” time, of the year!

I know, I know, that’s not how the Christmas Carol goes.  But when you’re a business owner, and a Broadway business owner at that, “wonderful” is synonymous with “busiest.”

And today, December 26th, through December 31st, is the most wonderful/busiest time on Broadway.  These are the six days of the year that shows not only wait for, some stay open for.  This week, tourists descend en masse to New York City and buy up everything in sight, including tickets to just about every show in town.  Yep, even the bad ones.

So that means if you’ve got a show running you can just sit back and rake it in, right?

Well, you can . . . but that’s not what I’d recommend.

Good businessmen and women see a lot of people walking through their doors and think, “Look at all the customers.”

Great businessmen and women see a lot of people walking through their doors and think, “Look at all the potential repeat customers.”

When you’re doing your best business, you need to make sure you’re taking full advantage of it so you are insured for those times of the year when you won’t be doing your best business.

  • Are you making sure you’re getting the contact info of all these new customers?
  • Do you have a full set of merch and other “back end” sales revenue options?  Maybe even specialty items for this time of year?
  • Are you managing your inventory with variable pricing on an hourly or even minute by minute basis to maximize your income since demand is so high?
  • Are you keeping your customer service at an A+ level?  Busy times are when service can falter.  Don’t let it.
I know, I know, it’s a lot of work.  And about now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Wait a minute.  So I know I have to work hard when business isn’t good.  And I also have to work hard when business is good?”
Welcome to being a business owner (which is what all Producers are, btw).
And welcome to Broadway.

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