The Sunday Giveaway: Three free hours at the Davenport Rehearsal Studios!

Since our giveaway of a week of free theater rent was such a big hit, I thought I’d try to help out all you emerging artists and producers out there with a different kind of freebie space offer – rehearsal space!

One of the reasons I opened my own rehearsal studios was simply so I could have a place to go work on stuff, whenever I wanted.  There’s nothing like getting a few friends in a room, around a piano, in front of a mirror, away from computers, and away from prying eyes, to just work, talk, think, move, whatever.

And there’s something so cool about rehearsal studios.  Artists go in.  Art comes out.  They are our Willy Wonka-esque factories because no one in the outside world knows how we get our chocolate to taste like it does.  It’s a secret.  And it’s also a little bit of magic.

If you’ve got “magic to do” with a new project, or if you want to have a production meeting, or if you want to get in a big empty room and dance around like a Smurf, this giveaway is for you.

As the headlines says, we’re giving away three free hours of space and here’s how you can win:

Speaking of space, tell me . . .  where do you like to work?  Where do you get your creative juices flowing?  Your apartment?  Your office?  Central Park?  A Starbucks?

Let me know where you feel the most inspired and get the most done in a comment below and you’ll be entered to win the three free hours of space at my studios.

Good luck to all!


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