The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Happy Karaoke Fun Time Off Broadway!

It was only a matter of time.

Karaoke started sweepin’ the nation in the early ’90s.

Jukebox musicals starting poppin’ up on Broadway in the early ’00s.

So of course, in the early 20-teens, someone had to put them together.

And what do you get when Karaoke and Jukebox musicals copulate and procreate?

Happy Karaoke Fun Time!

Happy Karaoke FT is a fully improvised musical that uses popular songs in its scenes with original lyrics made up right in front of your ears!  And let me tell you something right now, if you’ve never seen an improvised musical, go.  Because your mouth will be on the floor when you hear how fast these improv artists can rhyme.

And guess what?  We’ve got two tickets to give away!

To win, all that you have to do is tell me what your go-to karaoke song is in the comments below.  Are you a “Summer Nights” gal?   Do you channel your inner Bruce to do “Born in the U.S.A.”?  Or do you preach “Baby Got Back”?  (FYI, believe it or not, “Baby Got Back” is one of the most requested karaoke songs in the world!)

I’ll tell you that I’ve only done karaoke once.  Once.  What did I sing?  Oh, well, it was 1990, and I was a “serious” actor/singer . . . appearing in West Side Story as Tony at the time.  So of course I sang . . . “Danny Boy.”  What an idiot.  On top of that, I followed a guy who screamed out “Livin’ on a Prayer.”  And then I sang “Danny Boy.”  IDIOT!  And I haven’t stepped on a karaoke stage since.

But enough about my teenage tragedies.

What do you sing?  Tell me and win!


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