[VIDEOS] Our 2018 TheaterMakers Super Conference.

Since I know most you finished watching Tiger King already, last week I shared all the videos from our 2019 Super Conference.

We got such positive feedback from releasing all those videos that I broke down the door to our e-vault and pulled out the videos from our 2018 Super Conference!

And since Governor Cuomo just announced that those of us here in NYC are going to be stuck in our homes until at least May 15th, I thought you could use something new to watch.

So here they are!

Enjoy and let these Broadway superstars education you on how to make more theater and how to make it even better . . . so that you’re ready when our lights go on again.


1. “Welcome” with Ken Davenport
2. “Playwrights on Avoiding Writer’s Block, Standing Out & Sharing Your Story” with Lisa Kron, Itamar Moses, and Diana Son

Getting work out there is harder than ever, but I am committed to helping you get your show produced. #5000by2025

Learn about these writers’ personal strategies for dealing with challenges when it comes to writer’s block, including how failure is a strategy to become successful, and advice for people who are just starting to become writers.

Click here to watch “Welcome & Playwrights on Avoiding Writer’s Block, Standing Out & Sharing Your Story”


3. “Ask A Producer: Your Questions Answered by Broadway Co-Producers” with Janet Kagan, Jim Kierstead, Jana Robbins, and Larry Rogowsky

These producers talked about what it was like to win a Tony award on Broadway, then move to producing smaller-scale shows, what it’s like to develop new shows, how to choose between performing in a show or producing it, and the differences between producing a show on Broadway and Off-Broadway.

Click here to watch “Ask A Producer: Your Questions Answered by Broadway Co-Producers”


4. “Theatre Law Crash Course: Business Structure & Rights Acquisition” with M. Kilburg Reedy

In this presentation, M. Kilburg Reedy talked about what a contract is, what the deal terms are for one, the types of theater contracts, and who gets ownership of the copyright.

Click here to watch “Theatre Law Crash Course: Business Structure & Rights Acquisition”!


5. “The Agent Approach: Literary Agents Talk Submissions & Negotiation” with Vern Co, Mark Orsini, and Kate Pines

They discussed what literary agents DON’T do, what the best way to approach an agent is, the “dos and don’ts” of negotiating with a literary agent from the artists’ perspective, how to prepare for a negotiation, and the process of taking a work from stage to screen. 

Click here to watch “The Agent Approach: Literary Agents Talk Submissions & Negotiation”!


6. “The Perfect Partnership: Powerhouse Collaborators on Working as a Team” with Stephen C. Byrd, Alia Jones Harvey, Des McAnuff, Sergio Trujillo, Steven Sater, and Duncan Sheik

In this panel, they talked about how they started collaborating and why they continue to work together, what factors are involved when picking new collaborators for a piece, and how to balance the time spent giving feedback to living writers.

Click here to watch “The Perfect Partnership: Powerhouse Collaborators on Working as a Team”!


7. “The Art of Raising Money” with Neal Shenoy

In this presentation, Neal talks about how he got into storytelling as well as the importance of storytelling, the elements of a good story, how to write a good story, how to tell your story, and what a high concept pitch is.

Click here to watch “The Art of Raising Money”!


8. “Commercial Producers & Non Profit Leaders on Making Theatre in 2018” with Diane Borger, Kristin Caskey, and Neil Pepe

Learn about how the relationship between commercial producers and non-profit leaders is evolving, why non-profit leaders want to enter into a partnership with a commercial producer and how they chose the producer for a show, and examples of this type of partnership going over well.

Click here to watch “Commercial Producers & Non Profit Leaders on Making Theatre in 2018”!


9. “Welcome Back” with Mark Brymer, Amy Drake, and Jeff Foy
10. “Media Blitz: How to Get Press That Sells Tickets” with Emily McGill, Susan L. Schulman, and Keith Sherman

Hear from some Inner Circle members on how they got involved with the Inner Circle and how it has helped them to get their shows produced.

In this panel about the media, they talk about how everything they do is working towards selling tickets for a show, what they have done in the past that was successful, and if press stunts are still relevant with today’s technology.

Click here to watch “Welcome Back & Media Blitz: How to Get Press That Sells Tickets”!


11. “Developing an Audience” with Tom Melcher

In this presentation about how to develop your audience, Tom Melcher explains what his website, Show-Score, is as well as how useful it is for the theater community, and how you can find your audience.

Click here to watch “Developing an Audience”!


12. “License to Sell: How to Make $$$ Beyond Broadway” with Jason Cocovinis, Michael Q. Fellmeth, and Jim Hoare

Learn about how your show can make money outside of New York City by licensing it, as well as the general time frame for licensing, some “dos and don’ts” of licensing, the different types of licensing deals, and why it’s important to have an open relationship with your licensing house or agent.

Click here to watch “License to Sell: How to Make $$$ Beyond Broadway”!


13. “Keynote Presentation” with John Cariani
14. “Closing Remarks” with Ken Davenport

In his Keynote speech, John Cariani talks about what makes live theatre so special, his hopes for people in the theater industry, and his advice for playwrights, including how diversity and representation are important. 

The 2018 Super Conference came to a close with the giving away of money, and how all of you can work towards success by utilizing the tips given in each of the panels and presentations.

Click here to watch “Keynote Presentation & Closing Remarks”!


I am going LIVE tonight (and every night) with special guest and Broadway’s Mean Girl, Kate Rockwell. Tune in tonight at 8pm EDT over on my Facebook.

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