Forget about investing in Broadway shows. What about Broadway stars?

Broadway Patti LuponeHere’s something fun and possibly even profitable for all you sports fans out there.

A company called Fantex Holdings has taken fantasy football to to the next level.  In the Fantex market, you can actually buy a share of a player!  For realsies!   They issue an IPO for an individual, who gets paid what is raised in the initial offering, and then that player agrees to give a percentage of his future earnings to his shareholders.

Player gets up front cash.  Investors get hopeful long term rewards.

You can read all about it here.

I have a feeling this niche form of investing (and gambling) may just gain some hobby-like traction.  After all, this kind of thing is the American way . . . if something is fun, like football, just add money, and it becomes more fun.  Right?

Of course, I couldn’t help but think if it could be transferred to Hollywood (imagine owning a piece of Clooney), and of course to our backyard on Broadway.

What if you could own a piece of Patti LuPone?  Or what about a Director?  Or hey, would you buy a share of a Broadway Producer?  Hint.  Hint.

Seems like a crazy concept, right?  But it gives investors a chance to invest small amounts of capital and “own” a piece of art.  And it gives artists a chance for a quick and easy payout, allowing them some insurance as they continue on with their careers.

So tell me.  Who do you think is a Broadway blue chip?  Who would you invest in???


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