Producer’s Perspective PREDICTION: Here’s who will be above the title in ten years.

A very influential individual who is about to make an appearance on my podcast said to me recently, “Don’t make predictions, because if you’re wrong, you get fired.”

Luckily for me, that means I’d have to fire myself, and while I can certainly see me giving myself a stern talking to and maybe even a pay cut, I think my job is safe.

So I’m gonna make a prediction!

It’s about Broadway Producers, and the influx of a certain group that I think will make their way onto our title pages in the next ten years.

Who will they be?

I’ll give you a hint . . . English will not be their first language.

I’m talking about international Producers. I predict we’ll have many more players who live in other parts of the world producing shows.

See, we don’t have many now.  But, that’s only because twenty years ago, Broadway wasn’t as accessible to everyone as it is today.

In the last two decades, Broadway went global.  International productions of our mega hits and even a lot of our medium hits have surged . . . which means a whole new group of fans were created, and I’ve got news for you . . . all Producers start out as fans.  With Broadway shows in their own backyards, people will start asking, “How can I get involved with that?”

And we’re seeing an international boom here as well.  In the 2010 – 2011 season, international tourists made up only 14.1% of our audience.  In 2013 – 2014?  It was 21%.  That’s a huge increase, which means there are more potential Producers in the bunch.

Tack on to those two reasons the idea that some international investors could earn green card status for investing in a Broadway show, and you’ve got a formula for more Producers from international waters.  (And as a side note, whenever I do a webinar, I’m amazed at how many folks tune in from countries like Singapore, South Africa, and Switzerland, to name just a few!)

So, my prediction?  The internationals are coming!  The internationals are coming!

And I think that’s pretty awesome.  While they’ll have a learning curve because of the different cultures, different languages, etc. they’ll also bring a unique and fresh perspective to an industry that could use it.

And hey – since international visitors have been growing at a nice clip, they could be 1/3 of our audience in 10 years.  So shows may need international producers to help pull in that crowd.

So that’s my prediction.

Did I get fired?  You tell me.


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